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Once a season fertilizer

Pamela Crawford's choice for gorgeous containers!Continuous slow release plant food - one easy application lasts all season long.Pamela's premium selection of Dynamite fertilizer gradually releases NPK (13 - 13 - 13) plus five Micronutrients over a full nine months. So, one application continuously feeds container gardens throughout their life. Pamela Crawford's picture and recommendation on the package identifies closely with Pamela Crawford side planting containers. It's the one balanced fertilizer that is ideal to satisfy the demands of side planted flowers and foliage.Dynamite slow release fertilizer is a green product that has won an EPA Gulf Guardian Award, because its slow release of phosphate avoids ground water pollution caused by quick release fertilizers.Pamela Crawford's Choice Dynamite Fertilizer comes in 1 lb and 2 lb canisters. 1 lb contains 30 TBSP. - enough to feed ten x 14" Pamela Crawford basic basket planters.