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Where to buy Side-Planted containers

Side planted containers are garden containers that allow planting in the side as well as the top. Containers are fast and easy to plant and result in instant flower balls that form spectacular accents. The containers come as baskets that can be hung from a chain or mounted either on columns in the garden or on patio stands. They also come as window boxes.

Where to buy Pamela Crawford’s side-planted containers and fertilizer retail:

Side-planted container are sold retail in various garden retail locations and stores, for a complete list of where to find them you can go to the manufacturer's site

or go to here for a list of garden centers that sell Side-Planted Containers.

Where to buy Pamela Crawford’s Containers,Side-planted containers and fertilizer Wholesale:

Pamela Crawford's Side -Planted Containers line, and fertilizers are sold wholesale at:

To view the 3 minute video on how to make a side-planted container garden, click the video tutorials below to see the video topics