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Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford, author of eight gardening books, started gardening with a love of flowers and a black thumb. She was a lousy gardener, and killed hundreds of plants before deciding that she needed to learn much more in order to quench her desire for thousands of flowers. She obtained a masters degree in landscape architecture and started trial gardens at Florida International University before starting a nursery and a garden design business. Her nursery also included trial gardens, and after 10 years, she had tried 2500 plants and killed 2300. The 200 surviving plants started Pamela’s career as a writer, as she found many gardeners would rather learn from her mistakes than waste 20 years killing plants!
In addition to designing gardens for over 1500 residences, her work has been featured on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens publications as well as in Southern Living, HGTV Magazine, Fine Gardening, Country Gardens, Country Almanac, Small Gardens, and in over fifty newspapers. As an expert in her field, she has appeared on the Fine Living Network, Fox News affiliates and numerous local tv shows. She received the prestigious “Torch Award’ as an outstanding alumnus from the school of architecture from Florida International University. Her goal is to find plants that give the most color for the least amount of care.
Pamela has also designed an amazing container garden system that allows for instant, spectacular success. Her containers are sold through