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We're so glad you've arrived! We are under construction to bring you a wonderful new site with all the latest happenings with me, Pamela Crawford and the wonderful gardeners who collaborate and co-author books with me! The garden is a wonderful place to share with friends. In this Web site, you'll find links to my signature line containers, as well as links to some of my favorite places and vendors. Current articles and How To Videos will be on the navigation bar above, and I look forward to bringing you many stories from the world of gardening. Please sign up for our "coming soon" monthly newsletter, keeping you up to the minute on each month's happening in the garden and activities near you!


My name is Pamela Crawford, author and owner of Color Gardening, Inc. We are thrilled have completed this exciting new book for zone 6 and 7 gardens in the United States. Harvey Cotten, Barbara Pleasant and I are so excited to share it with you! Our goal was to provide an easy to use resource for gardens from Arkansas and Louisana eastward to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Where ever you live in zones 6 and 7, we're sure you'll find exactly the information on the plants that will thrive in your garden ad how to care for them! Welcome! We're so glad you are here!