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A Wonderful Day in Huntsville

Thursday I was in Huntsville, Alabama at the beautiful Huntsville Botanical Garden with Harvey Cotten. Harvey is a tremendous resource in landscape gardens and is Chief Operation Officer at the Garden. More importantly to me (and to you) he is one of the coauthors of Easy Gardens for the South. We presented a workshop with our friends in Huntsville to teach how to use the new book. I am so excited to share with you that the book is now ranked #1 in regional garden books for the South on Amazon! An easy to use reference book, you'll find its organization simple and very reader friendly! A lady told me that she considered it a gardener's first primer on what plants work in the South! I'm so glad, after earning the right to say I've killed more flowering plants than most, I hope you will use it to help me color the South with flowers! We were excited to share the new book and to answer questions during the workshop. It is always a joy to me to answer your questions and hear of your successes in your gardens! I love to hear your stories!
The trip was especially fun because my college roommate Candace was my workshop assistant. It is always wonderful to see her and I appreciate that she indeed introduced me to the Huntsville Botanical Garden and to Harvey! The book is available at the Garden as well as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Home Depot stores. We are thrilled that many bookstores across the South are carrying it as well! Here are a few snaps of what is currently blooming at the Huntsville Botanical Garden in Alabama!
It was a great day in Huntsville and I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!
Let's color the South with flowers!