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Read All About It!

Southern Living has a wonderful article written by Steve Bender aptly named Smart Garden, Super Color highlighting my Georgia home garden!  The April edition has a several page feature on my home garden, and watering methods! 

SouthernLiving april Cover

It is always a pleasure to host Steve Bender and Southern Living Photographer Van Chaplin.  What a wonderful day it was!  Working out how to maintain my yard during the drought was indeed a creative endeavor, but as the article shares, there are ways to maintain your yard when an area has a “no water” alert in place.

Van photoing me1

  I hope you’ll get the April issue and enjoy the article!


It's Here It's Here!

Dear Friends!

A new book is always exciting! I am so glad to share with you my latest book that is arriving in bookstores within days and is available on Amazon now! You know my story, I began writing books because after killing as many plants as I did, you simply have to share the ones that thrive!

In this book I will you how to grow vegetables in containers with such easy techniques that even the worst gardener can have bumper crops of tomatoes! And, for the first time in any book, I show you how to make your vegetables look great, worthy of the nicest patio! Isn't it a wonderful concept, beautiful containers that now only look good but can be harvested for your family?

I grew 1768 plants in the course of writing this book and shows you my mistakes (bloopers) along with my successes so that you won’t make the same mistakes with your vegetables. My simple-to-follow instructions make vegetable gardening do-able. You won't believe how easy and beautiful your containerized vegetable garden can be!

The book is extremely easy to read, learning becomes straightforward with over 500 gorgeous pictures to follow the directions and see the results! I am so excited about this book and I know you will be too!

Please look for us in Southern Living this spring, the book is being featured with the before and after pictures from my garden!